November 20, 2019

31 Days: Fruitful or Wasted?

Well, we are 31 days into this year and it made me think how have we been doing on our spiritual lives this year. I wanted to share and encouragement for those who have been faithful in their spiritual life and those who have not.

What opportunities have the Lord given us the first 31 days this year to share Christ to others? Has our life so far this year glorified God whether we are eating, drinking, or whatever we are doing? Have we gotten into our schedules and routines and left God our of it except on Sundays and maybe Wednesdays? I want to encourage those who have been faithful to remain faithful and those who have not to repent get things right with God and starts this month by cultivating our everyday relationship with Christ.


  1. Haley,
    Thank you for this reminder and this encouragement. The days slip away too fast, even when we try to plan them fully for His glory. Keep up the encouragement through your blog and your life.
    We love you, Mrs. Rogers

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