July 18, 2019

Big Scare With Peyton

Hi everyone, Wow! It was a crazy night last night with my brother Peyton. Last night he had a high temp and came into my parents room where my mom and I were talking out of his mind. When he turned to walk out of the room he nearly passed out, collapsing into the wall where he hit his head. When my dad got upstairs he was in the floor, disoriented and said he felt like he could vomit. When dad helped stand him up he started shaking involuntarily and nearly fell face first in the hall.  It was very scary. Thankfully our neighbor is a nurse and the EMT’s where here within 10 minutes. Thy think it was a simple fever and dehydration. Mom and Dad slept down stair, with him on the couch. Peyton is doing much better today. He seems to be getting over the stomach virus and just running a low grade fever right now. He is tired but seems much better this morning. Please continue to pray for his healing. Thanks so much!

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