September 19, 2019

Look Unto Jesus

Thing will always change
Friends will come and go,
And I will go through many pains
But Jesus loves me this I know.
He will always be with me
During what ever comes my way,
when it feels like I’m on rolling seas
He will get me through each day.

Would You?

Would you stand up for your Lord,
and tell all people of his name?
Would you fight with his sword,
Or is man’s praise your aim?
Would you give your life for him,
Or not care how you live?
Would you go to a world of sin,
An there the Gospel give?

Because Christ Died for Me

Christ shed His blood for me,
He bore my sin upon the cross.
He is holy, perfect, and just
But He for me did pay the cost.
He did not have to come and die,
Upon that shameful tree.
But Christ is now my light and guide,
Because He died for me.