March 31, 2020

Beauty in Brokenness

The smell of fresh cut mint permeates the air about the time the paved road gives way to dirt and gravel. Each morning as I arrive to work I am greeted by the sight of a snow capped Mt. Adams towering in the distance. As my morning begins in a place where so much is wrong, my Father shows me again there is beauty in the brokenness.

As the chatter of children fills the church a child grasps my hand, and as I look into her brown eyes I’m reminded this is the crown of creation: my Creator has said “it is very good.”



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The evening is quiet and calm,
The gentle wind rustling to and fro.
It moves with purpose, not hurry.
The wind is the breath of the trees-
In… Out… In… Out…
It brings life to the listless night.
The breeze is gentle and calm-Peaceful, but not passive.

Background: One evening I sat on a bench outside of my dorm by myself. The sun had been down for a few hours at that point and the breeze was cool and active. At a first glance in the dark it seemed that things would appear still and lifeless, but I noticed how active the wind was active in the darkness. It seemed to give life to the night. Observing this reminded me of how the Holy Spirit works — “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8


Greater than Solomon

Greater than Solomon

The Oxalis stricta a weed flower that inspired my poem.

Your rich golden color stands out against a backsplash of green.Too often others observe you as a nuisance,
But this my little friend you are not.
You are a testament to great grace;
A small demonstration of crafted beauty to behold and admire.
If only we would take the time to stop and consider your maker and ours, little yellow flower.

Background: I penned this poem this past summer while sitting on campus as Covenant watching the sunset. I was by myself and as I looked around I noticed a cluster of tiny little yellow flowers. I was mindful that everything I was seeing had been created by God, even this tiny flower. God cares about and crafts the smallest detail of this flower and if He cares about something so small how much more does he care about His children who have been purchased by Jesus’ blood.

Renew Me, O Lord by Haley Dempsey

I thought I would post a new poem I finished today. It is based from a verse in Romans 12; “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” -Romans 12:2a. I hope this is an encouragement to you!

Renew Me, O Lord by Haley Dempsey
O Lord, my God, hear my plea;
Renew my hear, for Thee to beat.
Make me more like Christ to be,
For Thou are strong while I am weak.

Help me to Thy word transform,
My hear to yearn for Thee alone.
I will not to this world conform,
But through my life let Christ be shown.

The Christian’s Home by Haley Dempsey

Christian Going to the Celestial City (Pilgrims Progress)

I’m pressing toward my heavenly home,
To glories, not of streets of gold,
But Christ, my Lord upon His throne.
Forever His glory to behold.
No other thing will captivate ,
But Christ, the one who died for me.
From Him I will not gravitate
But forever with Him I shall be.
By: Haley Dempsey

Object of My Confidence by: Haley Dempsey

On what do I depend?
Where does my confidence lie?
Do I on earthly things attend,
Or in Christ’s blood rely?
Christ my solid rock;
I trust in Him alone.
On the paths of God I walk
That bring me to His throne.

Martin Luther Hymn

In devil’s dungeon chained I lay
The pangs of death swept o’er me.
My sin devoured me night and day
In which my mother bore me.
My anguish ever grew more rife,
I took no pleasure in my life
And sin had made me crazy.

Then was the Father troubled sore
To see me ever languish.
The Everlasting Pity swore
To save me from my anguish.
He turned to me his father heart
And chose himself a bitter part,
His Dearest did it cost him.

Thus spoke the Son, ” Hold thou to me,
From now on thou wilt make it.
I gave my very life for thee
And for thee I will stake it.
For I am thine and thou art mine,
And where I am our lives entwine,
The Old Fiend cannot shake it.”

The Lord of All by: Haley Dempsey

Look at all the Lord has made,
The foundations of the world He laid.
All creation shows His power,
And shows His beauty in a flower.
The oceans show His great might,
In the end He will win the fight.
He shows His gentleness in a mother,
God is the only way there is no other.

Shelter acrostic by: Haley Dempsey


With Me Even Now by:Haley Dempsey

When despair and sorrow draws neigh,
And days go fleetingly by,
No other hope have I than Thee.
For thou O’ Lord do comfort me.
To Thee I turn in my distress,
For only Thee can give me rest.
You O’ Lord these trials allow
And Thou art with me even now.