April 1, 2020

Faithful in Trial by: Haley Dempsey

You O’ Lord lead me through
Times in which you’re testing me;
But even through those trying times
You Lord, do hear my plea.

You O’ Lord walk with me
And you are faithful every day;
I see your works from times foregone
And know you Lord with me do stay.

You O’ Lord give me peace
When I endure distress and pain;
In you alone can I trust,
Because you Lord on high do reign.

November 11, 2010

Theme of my Heart by: Haley Dempsey

A joyful theme doth fill my heart,
Of tidings good, salvation come.
Saved from sin in full, not part
By Jesus Christ, God’s only son.
My heart doth overflow with praise;
To Him who saves from binding sin.
He died, was buried, and did raise
To bring God’s people all to Him.

by Haley Dempsey

Faithful Saint’s Legacy

Faithful saints to us do leave,
Their lives a legacy.
They in God do faithfully believe,
And fight his enemies.
They in not man’s strength rely,
But trust in God above.
To them they know God’s always nigh
And rest they in His love.
By: Haley Dempsey

Thanksgiving Poem

Time of Thanks

Vs. 1.

It’s come that time of the year again,
A time to thank God for His workings.
Thanking Him for releasing us from our chains.
And pouring on us His blessings.

Vs. 2

It’s time to be thankful for our blessings
For even the difficult things
For if we’re of His choosing
He’ll protect us under His wings.

Vs. 3

It’s around that time of the year
To be thankful for the happy times
And thank God for those who are dear
Even those who are annoying sometimes


So let us really be thankful
For everything through the years
And not let our hearts be deceitful
But praise God for always giving us his ear.

By: Haley Dempsey

I said I’d get a Thanksgiving poem up and I did! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it, now to go finish getting ready for company! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

Look Unto Jesus

Thing will always change
Friends will come and go,
And I will go through many pains
But Jesus loves me this I know.
He will always be with me
During what ever comes my way,
when it feels like I’m on rolling seas
He will get me through each day.

Would You?

Would you stand up for your Lord,
and tell all people of his name?
Would you fight with his sword,
Or is man’s praise your aim?
Would you give your life for him,
Or not care how you live?
Would you go to a world of sin,
An there the Gospel give?

Because Christ Died for Me

Christ shed His blood for me,
He bore my sin upon the cross.
He is holy, perfect, and just
But He for me did pay the cost.
He did not have to come and die,
Upon that shameful tree.
But Christ is now my light and guide,
Because He died for me.