March 31, 2020

Support Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I graduated from Covenant College on May 6th, and I am spending my summer working at Covenant. As I move into this new chapter of my life, I am excited to share with you where God is leading me next.

As many of you know, last year I had the opportunity to go to Washington State on a second missions trip to work with Sacred Road Ministries on the Yakama Indian Reservation. On that trip, I learned much about the Yakama people and culture, and since then have had a strong desire to return to the reservation to work with Sacred Road. I was able to save the funds to return my last semester for Spring Break, and I have been accepted as a one year missions intern with Sacred Road beginning in the fall.

In 1855 the Yakama people, along with thirteen other tribes and bands, signed a treaty with the United States government which established the Yakama Reservation at the foot of Mt. Adams in south central Washington State. Since that time the culture, families, and dreams of the Yakama people have steadily disintegrated. Today, individuals and families on the reservation are struggling with lost vision and hope for the future, alcoholism and drug abuse, broken families, neglected and abused children, at-risk teens (30% in White Swan are technically homeless), crime, violence, and suicide.

Sacred Road ( is a ministry that enters into this community, believing that the good news of the gospel is powerful and can bring the same life, hope, and change to the Reservation as it does in our own lives. In Isaiah 58, God tells His people that if they “extend themselves” or “pour themselves out” for their needy and oppressed neighbors that He can and will redeem and restore their broken community.

I am more excited for this opportunity than I can put into words! My role will include showing hospitality as I prepare meals for the church, widows, orphans, and other community members, as well as assisting with mercy ministry and youth discipleship. Would you pray I will be able to bless my hosts with gracious interaction and loving service and that the gospel of our great King will be made known throughout the nations? It is so important to me that you pray because without God’s enabling grace and strength all of my efforts are in vain.

In order to be able to go to Yakama by this September, I am praying for God to provide partners who will commit to support me financially.  In addition to financial partners, I am working this summer at Covenant College in order to save money toward my expenses.  This is something that God is calling me to, but something that I cannot do by myself. I want to invite you to partner with me by financially supporting this calling. The total cost for the year is $23,457 or $1,921 a month.

If you would like to give, you can give either online or by check. Gifts can be given on a one time or monthly basis. If you would like to support monthly, you can setup automatic, recurring payments online. If you plan to support monthly by check, please let me know so I can plan accordingly. To give online you can go to:

If giving online you will need to select my name, “Haley Dempsey,” from the list of options so Sacred Road knows who your support is preferenced for. If you wish to send a check, please include a separate note indicating it’s for Haley Dempsey’s support fund. You can make checks payable and mail to:

Sacred Road Ministries
P.O. Box 400
Harrah, WA 98933

If you would like to talk to me more about this opportunity in the meantime please feel free to reach out! I would love the opportunity to share my heart with you even more!

In Christ,
Haley Dempsey

Post-Graduation Plans

With less than a month left in my senior year at Covenant I am excited to share where God is taking me next! Beginning in the fall after graduation I will move to Washington State to work on the Yakama Indian Reservation with Sacred Road Ministries ( Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the reservation on a short term spring break trip with Covenant College. On that trip, I discovered a deep love for the reservation and for the people.

Me and Lucy at Kids Club

One of my roommates Cayla went on that first trip to the Rez. I remember telling her I could see myself living and working with Sacred Road. She just grinned and told me she had already thought of that the day before and just hadn’t said anything about it yet. The kids in a very real way stole my heart. This was especially true of one letter girl I met. Her name is Lucy. She is a creative and talkative little girl who was nine at the time. Though she could not pronounce it, Lucy told me that her Indian name meant “beautiful talking bird.” She added, “…which is good because, you know, I’m beautiful, and I like to talk.” We met the first day at Kids Club and played together the entire week whenever she could come. She loves art and drawing so we spent a lot of time playing with chalk, chalk paint, markers, and crafts. She loved piggy back rides and sitting in my lap during snack/story time.

I remember the flight home at the end of the week and feeling like my heart was still on the Rez. When I got home, I talked about little else but the trip, the kids, the needs, and the ways God was working. My passion for the reservation didn’t die, it became stronger and more articulate. I knew I wanted to return  and serve for a year, but  I did not think that it would be possible soon after graduation. One week when the Granberrys were in town, I was able to spend a lot of time talking with them about coming out as an intern. After discussing budgets and possible jobs, I knew I was going to pursue this. God had put the desire in my heart and has been opening the doors to go ever since.

I was able to save the funds to return to the reservation for spring break this semester. On the trip, I was able to assist Mary Granberry with the same things I will be doing when I arrive as an intern. The trip was especially confirming that the reservation is where I need and want to be. When I go out for the year, my role will be primarily in showing hospitality as I prepare meals for the church, widows, orphans, and other community members. I will also assist with mercy ministry and youth discipleship.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me directly. I love sharing my heart and what God is doing on the reservation!

If you are interested in contributing towards my financial support to get to Yakama you can do so at: