March 28, 2020

Heart Cry Ministry Update: New Believers and Persecution in Japan

Hi everyone! You may remember in the past I have posted updates from Heart Cry Missionary Society’s newsletter email. The first I posted was on Japan after the tsunami ( ) and an update on South America ( ) If you have never heard of Heart Cry and would like to know more check out their website at Please pray particularly for these believers who are being persecuted in Japan.

This update was sent to Matt Glass (Coordinator for Asia) from HeartCry missionary Luis in Japan:

The last months were the most intense months we have had in Japan. We are amazed and have not stopped praising God for His power, mercy, and grace. Also, the enemy has attacked us like never before. We are emotionally and physically tired, but with joy and grateful hearts. We praise the Lord for giving us three years of New Life [church’s name] as a church. We celebrated our anniversary last week with two baptisms.

Praise the Lord! A Peruvian lady named Alicia was baptized last week! It looks like a long precious story. Three years ago Alicia’s first son was born with complications and the family asked Luis to go to the hospital and pray for the baby. That was the first time she heard the Gospel. After that, she used to come very irregularly to the church but there was rejection every time she heard about repentance. But at the beginning of this year, she came one day asking for help because suddenly she understood about her sin and the need of repentance. She was crying asking God for help because she said “I was destroying my family, I am the problem, God please forgive me.” Since then, the Lord started to change her life and she comes two times a week for Bible studies and her husband has started to attend church on Sundays. Last week as we celebrated our church’s 3rd Anniversary, she shared her testimony to the church and was baptized in the Tama River. Praise the Lord for His power to save us and to change our hearts and lives!

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