March 28, 2020

Heart Cry Update: Follow-up from Japan: More Persecution for New Believer

This is a second update concerning the people of Japan from Hear Cry’s email updates. If you have never heard of Heart Cry and would like to know more check out their website at Please pray particularly for these believers who are being persecuted in Japan.

This update was sent to Matt Glass (Coordinator for Asia) from HeartCry missionary Luis in Japan a few weeks after the one above (names have been changed):

Brother, I wanted to give you an update about K_____’s trials and the attacks of satan. So you can join us in prayer.

Things are becoming more serious and extreme every week.
K_____’s husband convinced his oldest son (16 years old) to attack and put pressure on his mother because of her faith.
The son is verbally insulting his mother every day and even one day he beat her up and she hit her head on the floor.
I told her to call the police and they came, but they just checked the house and told her, ‘Do not fight with your son.’

K_____’s husband and his son are cursing and attacking verbally and humiliating K_____ every day.
The son stole her bible and christian books. The husband is not giving her food or money.
The husband prohibited her to eat the food he is buying for the meals, and he closes off the water when she needs to take a shower. She sleeps with her cellphone and offering money with fear that they will steal her belongings.

The husband became violent and made holes in the walls punching them. The son broke K_____’s computer.
One night the abuse was so severe that her daughter was in shock, and they left the house with fear at midnight. The husband planned to not give K_____ money to buy food so she cannot cook. He did that so he could accuse her to the Court of not taking care of the children. Last week, the husband went to accuse K_____ to Child Protection center. They called her and she has to go and give her testimony.

Also the husband went to the Family Court to accuse her of being a dangerous religious fanatic that is not caring for her children. The Family Court called her and she has to go to give her testimony. K_____ is broken and tired from all that is happening in this situation.
So right now, K_____ has to go to answer to the accusations to Child Protection Center and to the Family Court.

K_____ in her defense, went to the police station to report the violence and the holes on the walls.
K_____ has all the indignation because of the false accusations from the husband and son.
But we are praying for strength and direction from God when she gives her testimonies.

The husband is also trying to sue me as a religious fanatic or as the leader of a cult. He has started taking pictures of our church members, and recording conversations secretly. The accusation is that he is going to tell the government that I am cheating, that I am working as a pastor without a license.

An old missionary told me that the way this husband is operating probably comes from a sect call Sogagakai. That sect’s ultimate goal is to legally and emotionally destroy christian ministers and churches. I do not know how to be prepared for the accusations that K_____’s husband is planning against me.

Please, brother, pray…praising God because we are not depressed, we are not hopeless or afraid.
K_____ and my family are very tired , physically and emotionally because of the weight of the events, but God is giving us peace and joy in this battle.

I am sorry for giving you this big burden, but I needed to share the details of the situation to trusted brothers that will diligently pray for these requests.

God bless you, brother.

Luis and family

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