June 25, 2019

Jim Elliot by Irene Howat

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Jim Elliot by Irene Howat tells the story of his life and his death. Jim Elliot had a loving wife, a beautiful little girl, and a reason for real joy. God had called him to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Auca Indians. The love of Christ so thrilled Jim that he would gladly spend the rest of his life bringing Jesus to the lost Aucas … but the rest of Jim’s life was only a matter of months.

Persecution and death are a reality for many Christians today. Jim Elliot and four other young men died while doing God’s work, at the hands of the very people they had come to rescue. But Jim realized that there is nothing more worthy of giving your life for than Jesus, and was known for saying: “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” This is the story of Jim’s love for a warlike people and for his Savior.

Included in this book Jim Elliot, is a map, timeline and information on Ecuador.

160 pages
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About the Author: Irene Howat is an award-winning author who is accomplished writer in writing for children and adults. She has many titles to her name. She is married to a minister and they have a grown up family. She is also a talented artist and lives in Argyll, Scotland. She especially enjoys letters from children and replies to all of them!

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