September 19, 2019

Making Your Life Count for Eternity

Hey everyone! I wanted to write on the topic of “Making Your Life Count for Eternity.”I recently heard a dear friend of my family preach on this and wanted to share some thoughts. One of the first questions a person would think of when hearing this topic would be, “How do I go about not wasting my life?”. Well, let’s see!

The beginning of a person’s life counting for eternity is his salvation. By God’s grace when He saves a man He saves a him from living a life separated from God and living for things that have no eternal value. To do so is ultimately a waste.

The Lord says in Luke, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” A person living for eternity must forsake sin and carry his cross. But, Christians shouldn’t think that they are losing anything when they deny themselves, but rather as Don Currin put it, we are gaining unsearchable riches, joy and happiness in Christ.

A person who is living with eternity in mind is to be ruthless in dealing with sin. The things that we hold dear, if they cause us to sin, are to be abandoned. This can range everything from a friendship, television, or the internet. We are to cut off sin in our lives forcefully because we are striving to be like Christ.

In conclusion, we need to synchronize our lives in line with eternity. We need to get into the word and see what God expects of us in our lives and by his grace conform to His image. We need to seek the things that are above such as the enthroned Christ, heaven, heavenly wisdom, etc and set our affection on heavenly things. In everything in our life we must serve Christ with all of our strength, might, and forcefulness. We as Christians can not pray “Thy kingdom come until we pray, my kingdom go.” Our kingdom must go for us to live our lives to count for eternity and to live all out for Christ.

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