May 21, 2019

Prayer Request Update

Prayer Request & Praises

1. Please continue to keep Mexico in your prayers. In the past six weeks at least two Americans were shot and killed as a result of the drug cartels in Mexico. Also, Over 35,000 people have been murdered by drug cartels since the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, took office five years ago.

2. PRAISE: Many of you saw and heard about the Craft family who was traveling up through Mexico a couple of weeks ago. I received word a couple days later that they had safely made it to the US border and had arrived earlier than planned. Please continue to pray for them that God would bless them through their travels in the states and his protection as they travel back through Mexico in several months.

The Craft Family

3. Nations around the world with rioting and protesting and the Christians in these countries.

4. Please be in prayer for the countries of Lebanon and Yemen and some missionaries there a friend of mine has been in contact with. He said the gospel is getting out to the Muslims in the area and there appears to have been a few conversions as well. Please pray for the safety of these missionaries, the growth of these converts and the continued spread of the gospel and salivations.

5. Please pray for a friend of mine who has been having some heart trouble and is having some tests done. Pray that God would give the doctors wisdom and heal whatever this is.

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