July 18, 2019

December Already?

Wow!! I can’t believe it is December already. Time has just flown by. It is hard to believe that in 26 more days we will be in 2010! I have been thinking about a new years resolution as that time comes nearer, and I think mine will be to try my best to not get hurt during any ball seasons! I’m really joking (I think.) Now, I can’t believe it is only 19 more days until Christmas!! I love Christmas time!! I love the music and the good times with family and friends! Every Christmas our family gets up, goes and opens gifts from mom and dad and each other, then we clean up all the trash and get breakfast going because then a little later, my Grandma and Grandpa Dempsey and my Great-grandma Esther come over for breakfast, then we open presents, after that we clean up all the mess again. Then after they leave a little bit later, we head over to my grandma and Grandpa Thurmond’s house where we eat lunch/dinner and afterwards exchange gift with them, us, and my aunt and her family. Then after playing over there for a while we come back home and play with our new stuff and put batteries in stuff and try to figure out how everything works! And that is our Christmas day almost every year! Well, make some comments and tell me how you spend your Christmas our even New Year! 🙂 Got to go for now, getting late!