March 30, 2020

Prayer and Praise Updates

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you on some prayer requests and praises. First of all I wanted to praise God for my 16th birthday last week and for that wonderful day! Secondly, although I had not posted anything before hand, our former pastor’s daughter had their first baby Wednesday. Pray for grace as they raise this little girl! Finally, please pray for my “adopted grandparents,” Pastor Alligood and Mrs. Peggy and they will be heading back to Texas later this week or next. If you have any prayer requests of praises you would like shared please feel free to comment or send it in through the “Contact” page.

VOM Weekly Prayer Update-05/27/2011

China–Government Imposes New Regulations on “Illegal” House Churches

The pastors of some of China’s house churches are facing new restrictions, according to VOM workers. The pastors must provide police with weekly reports detailing their whereabouts and how many people attend their meetings. If pastors travel outside their city, they must report their plans, and they are restricted to short trips. If the pastors fail to report and police are unable to contact them, they are arrested. VOM workers say these regulations primarily target large house churches that organize under a specific name, advertise and meet publicly. House churches, which operate outside the official state church, are illegal under Chinese law. But because of the house church movement’s rapid growth in recent years, the government is struggling to deal with these churches. [Read more…]

VOM Prayer Update

Hi Everyone! Sorry for taking so long to get this weeks pray updates up. Had a busy week, so here you go! Please keep

  • Afghanistan–Imprisoned Afghan Believers Released
    Two Afghan Christians were released from prison recently. Shoaib Assadullah, who was arrested in October 2010 for giving a Bible to a friend, was released on March 31. While imprisoned in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, Shoaib was physically abused and threatened by fellow prisoners. He refused to recant his faith in exchange for his freedom. Another imprisoned Afghan Christian, Said Musa, was released from prison in February after serving nine months on apostasy charges. He was granted asylum in Europe. Thank the Lord for the release of Shoaib and Said! Pray that believers in Afghanistan will stand strong in their faith and reach out to their neighbors, despite their small numbers.
  • Vietnam–U.S. Evangelist Gives Historic Sermon at Christian Festival
    Evangelist Luis Palau made history on April 9 when he preached at the Protestant centennial celebration in Vietnam. Palau, who preached on two consecutive nights in Ho Chi Minh City, became the first U.S.-based evangelist to preach at a major event in Vietnam since the 1975 communist takeover. About 5,500 people came forward to receive Christ over the course of two nights, even though authorities forced event organizers to relocate from an open field to an enclosed stadium at the last minute. The Palau team had hoped to hold a similar event the following weekend in Hanoi, but organizers were unable to get permission to use their chosen venue. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese government has increased its oppression of minority Christians living in the central highlands — forcing hundreds to renounce their faith. Thank God for this evangelistic opportunity in Vietnam, and pray for the new believers. Pray that Christians in rural areas will face persecution bravely.
  • Somalia–Al-Shabab Murders Christian Convert
    Members of the militant Muslim group al-Shabab murdered a 21-year-old Christian in the Lower Shabele region on Monday, April 18, as part of its campaign to rid the country of Christianity. Two al-Shabab militants reportedly entered the home of Hassan Adawe Adan at 7:30 p.m. and dragged him outside. A source told Compass Direct that the militants then shot Adan and shouted, “Allahu Akbar” (God is great). Adan, who was single, lived with his Muslim family. He secretly converted to Christianity several months ago, and area Christians said they think someone informed al-Shabab of Adan’s new faith. “This incident is making other converts live in extreme fear, as the militants always keep an open eye to anyone professing the Christian faith,” a Compass Direct source said. Pray that this news will not discourage other secret believers in Somalia, but will instead reaffirm their commitment to Christ. Pray that the Lord will fight their battles for them even if they keep silent about their faith.

URGENT NEED! Lex Needs A Heart Transplant

This is the son of a girl that my parents went to school with. For the last 2 years we have read the heart-breaking updates of this precious little boy who now needs a heart transplant. The trials this family has faced have been unbelievable. Little Lex is being put on the transplant list today. But they have to raise money for their insurance. PLEASE consider helping. To donate you can go to To read more about this family and their dear little boy, go to

Prayer Request Update

Prayer Request & Praises

1. Please continue to keep Mexico in your prayers. In the past six weeks at least two Americans were shot and killed as a result of the drug cartels in Mexico. Also, Over 35,000 people have been murdered by drug cartels since the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, took office five years ago.

2. PRAISE: Many of you saw and heard about the Craft family who was traveling up through Mexico a couple of weeks ago. I received word a couple days later that they had safely made it to the US border and had arrived earlier than planned. Please continue to pray for them that God would bless them through their travels in the states and his protection as they travel back through Mexico in several months.

The Craft Family

3. Nations around the world with rioting and protesting and the Christians in these countries.

4. Please be in prayer for the countries of Lebanon and Yemen and some missionaries there a friend of mine has been in contact with. He said the gospel is getting out to the Muslims in the area and there appears to have been a few conversions as well. Please pray for the safety of these missionaries, the growth of these converts and the continued spread of the gospel and salivations.

5. Please pray for a friend of mine who has been having some heart trouble and is having some tests done. Pray that God would give the doctors wisdom and heal whatever this is.