March 31, 2020

Teens Relationship with Parents by Karl Graustein

“The world says teenagers should break away from their parents and live more and more independent lives. Most people expect teens to have a poor relationship with their parents, whether they are Christian teens or not. This is a lie that we must reject. The Word of God calls children to honor and obey their parents, and the standards do not change when someone turns 13, 16, or 19.” -Karl Graustein


  1. Gary McGEe says:

    And I thought when I turned 18 that this honor and obedience to my parents had finally reached an expiration date. Wow, where is that stated in holy scripture? You won’t find it!

  2. Gary McGee says:

    I thought when I was 18 that I knew everything. I’m 57 yrs. old and now It seems I don’t remember anything!

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