September 19, 2019

Urgent Prayer for a Friend

A friend of mine posted this note on facebook and asked to spread the word. Please pray for this young lady and for the family.  Thanks! -Haley

Prayers are needed in this family badly.

Back last December, my 21-year old cousin was taken into the hospital for heart failure as a result of a rare disorder that caused her to be born with a heart that was not 100% developed. She was back in earlier this month for similar reasons. Her heart was “booted” back up both times.

She went back in last night due to liver problems, and the doctors have determined her heart is failing on her (as in, “point of no return” failing). They’ve got a heart for her, and they are planning a heart transplant within the next 48 hours, possibly as soon as tonight.

Grandma is hysterical, I don’t even want to know how Grandpa is right now. There is no word from her end of the family (probably would put grandparents to shame with the hysteria), and my end is BEYOND distraught. As my brother is currently at school, he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on for now, but that’ll change really fast in about 2 hours.

Dad’s looking at going up this evening to be tested for blood type and to donate blood if we can. God willing, we’ll see her before she goes in. That’s all I want. Whether God takes her or not, all I ask for is one time to see her.

I’ll try to keep you informed, but it may be difficult given the circumstances.

Scatter this as well. Repost on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. I don’t care who you tell, I don’t care how you tell it, but this has GOT to get out.

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