March 30, 2020

VOM-Weekly Prayer Update: 07/01/11

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have taken so long to get the updates up from Voice of the Martyrs. Please keep these persecuted brothers and sisters in your prayers and ask God to give them strength as they endure these hardships!


  • Pakistan—Evangelists Threatened and Under Investigation
    Muslim leaders in a remote Pakistani community threatened an evangelist recently, telling him to stop his work or he would “see results coming in the future.” The men approached “Salman, ” the evangelist, as he distributed gospel literature. They told him, “We are well aware of what you are doing here; you are trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. We warn you to stop these activities.” Unshaken by their threats, Salman boldly replied, “I am here because my God sent me. … When the Lord asks me to leave this place I will do it, but until then I will not leave.” In another Pakistani city, officials visited an evangelist’s office and asked if Christians were involved in converting Muslims to Christianity. The officials also asked about the evangelist’s source of funding. Christians who work in the office are now under investigation, and authorities are also watching their mail. Pray that God will grant wisdom and protection to all those sharing the gospel in Pakistan.
  • Sudan—Growing Violence in Sudan
    Intense fighting has erupted along the border between north and south Sudan. Eyewitnesses report that dozens of civilians have been killed and more than 60,000 displaced. Two churches built in the area by the Christian ministry Samaritan’s Purse (SP) were burned, and multiple bombs have been dropped near an airstrip used for SP relief efforts. In addition, attackers looted the home of some of the ministry workers and burned their offices. “Churches and pastors were directly targeted, ” one pastor said. The renewed violence comes at a critical time in Sudan’s history, as south Sudan is preparing to become an independent nation on July 9. If the fighting continues, it could escalate into another civil war. Pray for a peaceful transition of power. Pray that Christians in both north and south Sudan will wait in hope on the Lord.
  • Afghanistan—Christian Beheaded
    A recently released video shows four Afghan militants beheading a man believed to be a Christian in Herat province. The militants, who claim to be Taliban, captured Abdul Latif from his village outside the town of Enjeel. In the video, the men, whose faces are covered with scarves, recite verses from the Quran as they pin Latif to the ground. They read an indictment that references Sura 8:12: “Whoever changes his religion should be executed.” One militant stabs Latif in the neck with a knife, and the men shout “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great) repeatedly until he is fully beheaded. They then place Latif’s head on his chest. Afghan Christians warn of dire consequences for believers when American forces leave Afghanistan. “If U.S. troops are not in Afghanistan, the Taliban will come to power, ” Afghan Christian Obaid S. Christ told World Magazine. “We will have the same situation we had in the 1990s when the Russians left Afghanistan, when we had civil war and millions killed.” Pray for the protection of Christians in Afghanistan. Pray that other Afghans will find hope and peace in Christ as they anticipate more violence. Pray that God will grant wisdom to those involved in determining Afghanistan’s future.

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