March 28, 2020

What is it to Meditate?

Hey everyone! I have been reading through Thomas Watson’s book, Heaven Taken By Storm
and read through the section on prayer and meditation. If you’re like me you probably haven’t ever thought too much about what it means to meditate, but when you read in Psalm 1, “and on his law he meditates day and night” it is obviously pretty important to know what it means. I’ll share some of the thoughts from Thomas Watson on this subject.

“Thomas Watson says that meditation is a duty wherein the very heart and lifeblood of religion lies. You may be wondering what meditation even is, well Watson gives a wonderful definition of meditation being described as a holy exercise of the mind whereby we bring the truths of God to remembrance, and seriously ponder upon them and apply them to ourselves. In meditation two things are required: A Christians retiring himself from the world; meditation can not be done in a crowd and serious thinking upon God. This is not a few transient thoughts that are gone quickly, but a fixing and staying of the mind upon heavenly objects. Watson says that the devil does not care how much we hear, or how little we meditate. Hearing begets knowledge, but meditation begets devotion.”

You may be saying by now, “Okay, I see the importance of meditations, but when I get alone I don’t know what to meditate about.” Thomas Watson mentions several different things in his book to meditate on such as: “the corruption of your nature, the death and passions of Christ, on your evidences for heaven, on the uncertainty of all sublunary (mundane or worldly) comforts, on God’s severity against sin, and on eternal life. Can you imagine the change in our love of Christ and our hatred of our own sin if we meditated on Christ’s death and the corruption of our nature!”

“Watson says that most people live in a hurry and take no time to meditate. They are so wrapped up with the cares of this world that they find no time to meditate or ask their souls how they do. We should follow the example of David who meditated on God’s precepts (Psalm 199:15). “Isaac walked in the evening to meditate” (Genesis 24:63) Watson says meditation makes the Word preached to profit; it works it upon the conscience. Meditation quickens the affections, it transforms, and it produces reformation.”

Thomas Watson closes his section on meditation saying, “But how shall we be able to meditate? Get a love for spiritual things. We usually meditate on those things that we love. The sensual man can muse on his pleasures, and the covetous man on his bags of gold. Did we love heavenly things, we would meditate more on them.”

From Thomas Watson’s book, Heaven Taken By Storm. Pgs. 27-35


  1. matshidiso teffo says:

    thanx,i know n i’m sure i needed to read this as i’m struggling spiritually,i hopefully pray what i’v just read will help me,in Jesus name.

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